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Shipping Dogs

Shipping dogs is a fairly simple thing to do.  You need an airline approved crate (a crate the size for shipping a puppy is $20-$25, a crate for shipping an adult dog crate is $55-70), a health certificate dated within 10 days of travel (usually $35), and an airline reservation at least 24 hours in advance.  When your puppy is old enough to ship, I will take care of all of this for you and you reimburse us the charges.  Dogs flown by themselves are shipped with "Cargo", but not all airlines treat them as cargo.  Delta & Continental have "Pet" programs where pets are transferred from the plane first and are given the fastest connection times.  Continental even has air conditioned vans that the pets travel in when going from plane to plane.  If you decide to fly and pick up your puppy yourself, there is still a charge for flying home with the dog.  Whether the puppy is small enough to ride under the seat in front of you or have to ride in it's crate under the plane, they are still considered "checked baggage" and assessed a charge.  Here are some example shipping charges.  As prices are subject to change, be sure to contact the individual airline to verify.  The following prices are based on recent experiences from shipping puppies and do not represent the cost for shipping an adult dog.

Continental Airlines (10-50 lbs)  $189.00 cargo  800-575-3335   Continental Airlines

Delta Airlines  $170.00 cargo, $75 as checked baggage  888- 736-8738 or 888-736-3738   Delta Pet First

American Airlines $? cargo, $100 as checked baggage 800-227-4622   American Airlines

United Airlines $169.65 cargo  800-UA-CARGO   United Airlines

Alaska Airlines $109.00 cargo  800-225-2752  Alaskan Airlines

Northwest ~$150 cargo depending on destination 800-692-2746  http://www.nwa.com/services/shipping/cargo/arpets.pdf

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